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Generations. Patek Philippe

"Generations" is part and parcel of the Patek Philippe universe as are its watches and everything that revolves around this unique brand. This advertising campaign has managed to synthesize, with elegance and beauty, all values typical of this Swiss manufacturing which have been developed over the last twenty years.

Generations. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe celebrates its 20th anniversary of the creation of its advertising campaign called "Generations". It was surely an important step in the path of this brand which is directly linked, both for its history and its spirit, to the values emanating from tradition and family life. It is no coincidence that Patek Philippe remains an independent family- run business even if it has been on the market for more than one hundred and seventy-five years, something which is truly exceptional in today's watchmaker world. The unique character of this company is expressed both in its watches and the "charm" with which Patek Philippe infuses its universe, from the design of its museum to the events in which it participates, such as the fireworks show which sponsored the occasion of its 175th anniversary as part of the bicentennial celebration commemorating the admission of the city of Geneva into the Swiss Confederation. This original understanding of the world of watchmaking takes shape in an unmistakable style which makes every timepiece which leaves the Patek Philippe manufacture a really special gem. "Generations" has managed to capture this personality in campaigns which, year after year, were adapted to the evolution of Patek Philippe fans and collectors without losing its essence. The campaign was launched in 1996. It was a very special year for the Geneva-based brand, since it was the moment the modern manufacture located in Plan-les-Ouates was opened and without any doubt, it was a significant leap for the entire company. Moreover, in 1996, the company introduced its annual calendar which became one of its major symbols. The campaign was created by the prestigious London based advertising agency Leagas Delaney. Despite its classic aesthetic, it was a radically new approach to the advertising language established in the then watchmaking sector. In certain way, it was supported by the philosophy of the brand which has always been characterized by a fusion of maximum innovation and traditions typical of this century-old company; for the first time, the images were not focused on the product itself but rather on the customer and the family environment. "Begin your own tradition", this is the slogan which, besides presenting tradition as a heritage of the past, had the great merit of interpreting a legacy from a dynamic point of view composing thus an invitation to look at the future with the power of timeless beauty surrounding all its collections such as Calatrava, Gondolo, Nautilus or Grand Complications. The photographs promoting each of the seasons of the campaign were taken by the most prestigious artists of the current artistic panorama highlighting contributions made by Peggy Sirota, Peter Lindbergh, Jeanloup Sieff, Mary Ellen Mark, Ellen Von Unwerth, Marden Smith, Glen Luchford, Craig McDean, Véronique Vial, or Robert Wyatt. All of them gave life, thanks to their sensitivity and talent, to great pictures which, above all, convey the value of emotion, of those experiences which are created on a daily basis and are full of small details turning into great memories: the first shave, a dance lesson on a warm spring morning, a furtive kiss, a day at the sea, a conversation on the grass after a tennis match; snapshots depicting with simplicity and overwhelming elegance those intimate moments shared between parents and children during which the strong links uniting generations are created. Indeed, these snapshots give meaning to life in which Patek Philippe is present thanks to its well-known slogan: "You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation." Over these twenty years, the campaign has been awarded several recognitions such as the "Prix suisse de campagne horlogère de I' année" awarded by a prestigious jury made up of reputable communication experts. "Generations" currently delves into that message incorporating subtle nuances that deepen the spirit Patek Philippe holds as one of its corporate pillars. In 2013, the campaign was extended to the digital world; the brand has launched different videos moving the values of Patek Philippe into the language of short movies. Patek Philippe has created moving sequences staring parents and their children from different parts of the world sharing unique moments being the real spice of life.