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Atlântico Bar & Restaurant - Estoril

Atlântico Bar & Restaurant - Estoril

The Portuguese Riviera is the hideout of wonders which are as special as the population of Estoril, where the Atlantico Bar & Restaurant is located.
Estoril is the perfect combination of tranquility and tradition and it represents the Portughese charm. It is in this setting, surrounded by incredible beaches which invite you to dream, where the Atlantico Bar &Restaurant is located. A true window to the Athlantic ocean located inside the 5-star hotel Intercontinental Estoril.
Atlântico Bar & Restaurant is a cozy restaurant whose pleasant atmosphere recalls the warmth of home. An elegant background with prominent blue tonalities which reflect the expresion of the Athlantic ocean. The ocean can be appreciated through the wide windows that light up the establishment or from its spectacular terrace. But this proximity to the second largest ocean in the Earth can not only be appreciated from such incredible views. Ricardo Simoes, experienced head chef of the Atlantico Bar & Restaurant, creates tastings of traditional cuisine made with high-quality local products, so that each bite makes the diner travel, savouring the authentic Portughese flavour while observing the overwhelming view of the sea. Coolness, climate and Mediterranean flavours impregnate each creation. Among the different proposals of Ricardo Simoes there is a menu offering tradditional dishes of seafood and fish, such as clams, octopus with almond tempura and fish in lemon sauce. A very innovative line also present, without neglecting quality, in the creation of meticulous dishes such as salmon tartar with Kimuchi and avocado, roasted scallops accompanied by sweet mashed potatoes or Tuna Tataki with wasabi ice-cream. Apart from the seafood and fish, the chef suggests the Risottos and delicious pasta dishes. For meat lovers, beef sirloin with onion and lamb with fried polenta are the main recommendations. The icing of this experience are the delicious delicate desserts such as the black chocolate dome, the caramel and Ginja sorbet and the cream millefeuille with Oporto wine ice-cream.
Atlântico Bar & Restaurant is a dynamic establishment where the kitchen is not the only protagonist. It is also a place to relax after work. The Athlantic Champagne House is a concept resulting from the association of Atlantico Bar and the renowned Maison of French Champagne Cattier. Live music, the most exquisite champagne and mini-sets of tapas as well as a terrace overlooking the sea where the sun set over the Athlantic can be enjoyed. A unique special moment to end the day in a cozy personal atmosphere. Different spaces based on the same topic, the strength and delicacy of the ocean, which reveal the spirit of the Atlantico Bar and Restaurant.