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Hernández Arquitectos. A Play With Natural Light

This house, designed by the architectonic studio Hernández Arquitectos, is located in one of the most privileged areas of the city of Valencia, next to the old Turia riverbed, and has superb views over its gardens.

Hernández Arquitectos. A Play With Natural Light

The layout of this house is marked by a clear distinction between a private-night zone and a common- day area. In one there is a master bedroom, children's bedrooms and bathrooms. In the second area, there is, on the one side, a large living - dining room united with a library, and, on the other side, a kitchen area, a living area and a central courtyard, a natural space and a rich source of light increasing the overall feeling of great spaciousness.
The day zone, spacious and open, is literally bathed in natural light which enters the rooms through large windows looking out to the central patio, the backbone of the entire house. This spaciousness seems infinite, mainly because a blind partition wall was replaced by elements allowing the division of the area creating thus rooms and corridors which can be adapted to actual needs of the space. Windows and a sliding door allow the modification of movement inside it, so creating a very dynamic space. Another dynamic element of the house is a two-sided fireplace which, besides the aesthetic beauty created by its transparency, reinforces the idea of connection, because it can be enjoyed from different areas of the house.
Between the living room and dining area, there is a small studio facing the exterior through a large window acting as a huge viewpoint; it is surely the most privileged area of the house. Moreover, this study area is equipped with a desktop Unipers by JMM and a Showtime chair designed by Jaime Jaime Hayón for Barcelona Design. The dining room is adorned by a table with a ceramic top, Slim model, designed by Matthias Demacker, accompanied by Moon Light chairs by Capdell. The connection patio - kitchen - office follows the same pattern like the rest of the day zone, which is to say, three interconnected rooms which can be either united or separated. In short, the day zone of the house is defined by glass, day light and versatile spaces. Worth mentioning is the fact that all furniture pieces were acquired in Mobisa Martínez Medina.
The night zone is accessed through a corridor leading to a much more compartmentalized area through which we can enter the bedrooms. The master bedroom has an en-suite dress room and a bathroom.
One of the highlights of this project is the lighting purposely designed by architect Pedro Hernandez, who taking advantage of rectangular pockets, adds slits or tears in ceilings or walls, and by lacking frames, has created an interesting effect and optimal ambient lighting.