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Gonzalo Preciado's ballet slippers have travelled from the Dance Conservatory of Zaragoza, through the National Ballet School in London to the National Ballet of Latvia where he performs as the first Spanish dancer in the history of the ballet company.

Le danseur Gonzalo Preciado

The career of Gonzalo in the world of professional dancing began in the most casual sense of the word. On the recommendation of his doctor, he decided to dedicate himself to ballet, because it was the best way to correct his flat and valgus feet. His life changed completely when he was offered a scholarship at the prestigious English National Ballet in London. "I did not think twice, I left Spain, and since then I am very happy in the world of ballet", says the 22-years-old dancer from Zaragoza. He came back from London to leave again, this time to Riga to become the first Spanish performing in the National Ballet of Latvia considered one of the top three ballets of the former Soviet Union after Bolshoi and Mariinsky. He is in his second season as a professional dancer in that theatre company, and Gonzalo has a feeling that he is creating something special. "It is a great honour and responsibility at the same time, because I am creating the future of this art. Anything I do will have a historical value, from a new role to a new tour. Despite the exigency strongly linked to ballet, it is fascinating and exciting, because I have to accomplish a new challenge every day." The Latvian repertoire is full of gems like Swan Lake, Don Quixote and La Bayadere, as well as of pieces created by revered choreographers such as Boris Eiffman, Edward Clug or Kristof Pastor. Preciado speaks of the demands hidden behind every performance, but above all, he mentions many unforgettable moments, "like last April, when the choreographer Leo Mujic created a role only for me, I performed the Caliph of Baghdad in the world premiere of Scheherazade and her Tales in Riga." He also cherishes his solo tour called "The Reborn Tour 2016" which brought him back to the Teatro Principal of Zaragoza. Currently, he combines his schedule in Latvia with several world premiers which had been created only for him. Moreover, he has launched a new project "Fusion Tour 2017". His other facet is publicizing and spreading the culture of dance around the globe. With that premise in mind, he presents an exhibition entitled "From Zaragoza To The World" ("De Zaragoza al Mundo" ) he has created with the photographer Alberto Rodrigálvarez; it will be released very soon and displayed in various Spanish cities.